Published on 24 November 2022


China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

European Center for Chinese Medicine and Natural Compounds of Leiden University(LUECCM) 


Objective: To promote the use of Chinese medicinal materials and products in Europe, establish China-Netherlands joint laboratory platform of traditional Chinese medicine, enhance the application and recognition of TCM in the international market, and build the foundation for overseas TCM innovation platform.


Background: CACMS has established relations with LUECCM in the research of metabolomics and clinical research of traditional medicine since 2018. Based on previous cooperation, the two sides worded together to promote Chinese medicinal materials and products (granules) to Europe, and jointly applied for and got the project from Science and Technology Commission of Beijing with the name of “Establishment of China-Netherlands Belt and Road Joint Laboratory for the TCM in the Prevention and Treatment of Major Infectious Diseases”.


 Significance:The establishment of this joint lab could improve the research on quality evaluation system of traditional Chinese medicine in Europe as well as the process of the principles of Chinese herbal medicine. At the same time, through cooperation with Leiden University, the two sides could draw on the wisdom of experts from pharmacopoeias committees of European countries and jointly build the path for incorporating traditional Chinese medicines in the pharmacopoeia of EU member states.


Content: To extensively conduct research on quality evaluation of herbal medicines that conform to relevant European requirements, improve the evaluation mechanism for the safety and efficacy of Chinese medicinal materials (granules),  introduce Chinese medicinal materials (granules) into the European market, and encourage young researchers to make key scientific and technological innovation in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.