TCM Assists 2022 Winter Olympic Games
Published on 28 November 2022

The TCM Culture Exhibition Space in the Main Media Center at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games has attracted wide attention of journalists from all over the world. The journalists talked about their feelings to the staff working in this space.

One of the journalist is called Mackey, a journalist from American National Broadcasting Company (NBC), who likes TCM culture very much. In the past several days, he visited the Exhibition Space to learn about TCM culture whenever he was free. Upon arrival at the Main Media Center, he was attracted by the main scene of “heaven, earth and man” located in the center of the TCM Culture Exhibition Space. He is especially interested in the Twenty-Eight Chinese Lunar Mansions. He expressed his views after learning about the Twenty-Eight Chinese Lunar Mansions from the on-site staff. He said that Chinese and Western cultures share the same origin and were all related to ancient astronomy. The “correspondence between man and universe” in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy originates from ancient astronomy, similar to the “as above so below” mentioned in the western Emerald Tablet. He believed that everything in the world was one. No matter Westerners or Chinese, they were an integrated whole, and man and nature were inseparable. After visiting the exhibition, he selected a blind box. Seeing the words “unity of man and nature” and “interaction between heaven and mankind”, he introduced the article All Universal Laws and Principles to the resident staff, saying that it is about the unity of man and nature. 



Twenty-Eight Chinese Lunar Mansions is a term used in ancient Chinese astronomy. In ancient China, Chinese people divided the sky into twenty-eight sections called “Twenty-Eight Chinese Lunar Mansions” in order to observe the movement of the sun, moon and five stars. Arranged from west to east, they are: Azure Dragon on the east (Horn, Neck, Root, Room, Heart, Tail, and Basket); Black Tortoise on the north (Dipper, Ox, Girl, Emptiness, Rooftop, Encampment, Wall); White Tiger on the west (Legs, Bond, Stomach, Hairy Head, Net, Turtle Beak, Three Stars); and Vermilion Bird on the south (Well, Ghost, Willow, Star, Extended Net, Wings, Chariot). This exhibition combines the Twenty-Eight Chinese Lunar Mansions, yin-yang and five elements, the 24 solar terms and the bronze acupuncture statue to form the landscape of “heaven, earth and man”, which epitomizes the TCM culture. 

(Source:Website of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences)